Woodlands living

We didn’t do too much today – mainly just errands and more laundry in an attempt to get our flat settled before school activities begin this week. Speaking of school, it is only a 15 minute walk away which is amazing. I had to commute to school and work for all 8 years that I lived in New York, so being able to have a short, beautiful walk twice a day is going to be great.

For dinner, we went to Chillies West End (no, not like American Chili’s), right down the street from us. It was delicious and afterwards we walked around our neighborhood until we got too cold and had to go back in!

Please take note of the heather plant we bought to make our flat a proper Scottish home! The misshaped biscuits were on sale for £1 at the pound shop, but I decided not to get them today.












3 thoughts on “Woodlands living

      1. Indian?! I don’t like Indian food…. Unless it’s salsa or bbq sauce–I’m sauce free. But I saw you took your terrarium to mexican! How was that?


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