On hold.

I was supposed to be waking up in Glasgow today.

Instead, I woke up in New Jersey.

My visa has not yet arrived so I had to cancel my flight on Friday and am currently waiting for any news from the UK Consulate and/or fedex.

Meanwhile, Dad is in Glasgow, trying to make the best of the situation – I just hope I am able to get there before he has to come home!

I feel I have subconsciously always known I would end up in Glasgow and I’ve been trying to make this dream happen for so long, that it almost doesn’t totally shock me that there is one last hiccup along the way. I know in a little while, everything will work out and all of the stress and anxiety will have been worth it.

Like John Lennon said (and Mom reminded me after I cancelled my flight), “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”


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