Today we moved into our new flat! It is in the west end of Glasgow, in a neighborhood called Woodlands, which is beautiful and full of students. The couple who own our flat are so so nice and not only helped us bring our massive suitcases from the hotel, but they drove us to buy sheets and towels and groceries today, which was so awesome and considerate.

We’ve spent most of the day trying to get the washing machine to work efficiently although it is small and functions as both a washer and a dryer so it has been difficult to get our new bedding washed all at once. We were super busy getting settled today and finally took a break for a nice meal at The Old Schoolhouse, which is right down the street and seems like a place we will frequent often.

This is our trek with our “small bags”


These are the plants in our stairwell!


This is our place!




Steak and ale pie for a job well done:



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