How to make the biggest blog update ever

Step 1: Go to many amazing places Step 2: See many wonderful things Step 3: Take too many photos (so many, in fact, that the WordPress app keeps crashing while trying to upload them all..!) Step 4: Repeat How to cool ganache:   How to make a perfect cake: (architect/interior designer-style):     How to have a surprise birthday dinner (bring delicious food):        How to celebrate Pascha in Glasgow:            How to enjoy the sun in Glasgow:                                               How to see some cool landscaping: (visit the gardens of cosmic speculation)                                          How to have a roommate reunion (first, 30 hours in London)                                                                                                                     Then, get out of town and stay in a 13th century hotel in Salisbury, eat where the locals eat and see the local sights from your History of Architecture classes (such as Salisbury Cathedral, Old Sarum and Stonehenge)                                                                    

Roman ruins in York

How to take the ultimate scenic route back to Glasgow from York

How to have proper tea in Glasgow (Hidden Lane Tea Room)

and Charles Rennie Mackintosh-style at the Willow Tea Rooms

How to have a good start to your journey home (a Glaswegian rainbow)

How to have fun while jetlagged (attend a Rutgers graduation)

How to see an old friend downtown

How to attend the loveliest, most fun wedding of your best lass

How to have a broskis reunion

How to unwind, Spanish-style, in Madrid (small, cute train tickets are a plus)


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