It’s been a busy few days! On Sunday, after running more errands, we took a double decker city bus to ikea, which took about 30 minutes and had nice scenery for most of the ride. Yesterday, we had enrolment (spelled here with just one l) and I got to meet most of the other students in my program. Our class is very diverse and we have students from India, Germany, Czech Republic, and Greece. Everyone is super nice and we were given a tour of the studios and Reid Building by some recent graduates who just happened to be on campus returning some library books and got sucked into showing us around.

We had lunch in the new cafeteria and ran into two recent sculpture graduates who were very jealous to hear we were just starting our time at GSA. One of them lost all of their work in the fire, but they both loved their time here so much.

After lunch, there was an induction for all international students, followed by food and drinks at the student association. It was fun to meet students from all over (although I haven’t run into any Americans just yet) and we hung around until “The Fat White Family” concert just upstairs at the student association. It was surprisingly packed and a larger venue than I would have imagined – probably similar to the Bowery Ballroom in New York. I think we’ll probably end up going to a lot of shows there because they are all pretty inexpensive (if not free) and the location can’t be beat.

Today we had an induction for postgraduate students and then a fair of all sorts of local venues/services/art stores that we may need in the city. We got a ton of giveaways and cool posters, and they even had beer on tap from a local bar, although at 11am, I decided it was too early to start on that.

We just got back from an artist discussion at school and we have some free time before another event tonight, then we are going to dinner at a friend’s flat.

Lastly, take a look at these hills! I had no idea it was so steep here! (Although I guess it makes sense.) Definitely getting my daily workout even though I no longer live in a 6th floor walk up 🙂
















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